Drumming Crabs

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Fried Catfish


Fried Shumai (6)


Fried Steam (6)


Hush Puppies


Onion Rings


Popcorn Shrimp


Raw Oyster-(uncooked Mollusk)


Spring Rolls (4)


Steam Oyster


Build Your Own
All Combos (more than 1/2 pounds) comes with Corn, Potato, Sausage


Cheese Cake


Chocolate Cake


Ice Cream


Lava Cake


Mochi (5)


Chicken Wings


Fried Oysters


Fried Shrimp (6pc)


Fried Shrimp + Chicken Tenders Combo
Choice of Sauce Tartar, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Cocktail Basket Comes with Cajun Fries (Substitute Onion Rings for 1.00)


Cheese Sticks


Chicken Nuggets


Broccoli (3pc)


Cajun Fries


French Fries


Potato (3pc)


Combo A.
Black Mussel ½Lb, Shrimp ½Lb, Crawfish ½Lb


Combo B.
Snow Crab ½Lb, Sausage ½Lb, Shrimp ½Lb


Combo C.
Lobster Tail ½Lb, Shrimp ½Lb, Sausage ½Lb


Combo D.
Vancouver Crab ½Lb, Green Mussel ½Lb, Shrimp ½Lb


Combo E.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb Shrimp


Combo F.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb Shrimp, ½Lb Black Mussel


Combo G.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb Shrimp, ½Lb Crawfish


Combo H.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb shrimp


Combo I.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb Shrimp, 1 PC Lobster Tall


Combo J.
½Lb Snow Crab Legs, ½Lb Shrimp


Family/Mix Combo
Snow Crab 1Lb, Shrimp 1Lb


Love Combo
1Lb Crawfish, 1Lb Shrimp, 1Lb Snow Crab


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